Medical Coordinator of MLS Addresses SPFSA
Travel Coaches Get Tips from Sports Medicine Expert

... muscle pulls and strains are typically the result of fatigued muscles and fatigued muscles are typically exacerbated by poor hydration.

... water is the single best resource for hydration and should be consumed prior, during and after sports activity.

... energy foods and drinks are no substitutes for water and proper nutrition, but do effectively restore lost electrolytes, although they can cause an upset stomach if too much is consumed due to a typical high sugar content.

... caffeinated sports drinks are not suited for young athletes as they can cause a dangerous increase in the heart rate.

... in collisions soccer headgear may prevent lacerations, but will not prevent concussions.

... the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of muscular/skeletal injuries should not be left to general practitioners alone and any rest should include some physical therapy so as to prepare the athlete for a successful return to action.

... stretching needs to be done at all ages and should include both pre and post activity, with pre-activity stretches being held for 15 seconds and post-activity stretches held for 30 seconds.

... multi-sports participation is extremely beneficial for the young athlete providing the opportunity for all muscle groups to be developed and rested equally, while offering the participant a mental rest as well.

... the new generation of artificial playing surfaces do not pose any heightened chance for injury, but do typically hold heat 10-15 degrees greater than natural surfaces.

... growth spurts cause temporary stress on bones and joints and very often result in foot ailments, especially for boys.

... there does not appear to be any correlation between injuries and the female menstruation cycle, although the widening of a teenage girl’s pelvic girdle does result in an increased stress on the knee joint due to the increase in the angle between the hip and knee.

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