Through A Player's Eyes
Is This About Your Team?

This is what it’s like, each and every game...

     And it’s a situation, that we just can’t seem to tame.

They come all fired up, but our heads are hanging low...

     It’s only just the warm-ups, but they’re yelling, "Hey, let’s go!"

"Who really, really wants it?" they scream to start the game...

     The players aren’t listening, and think that they’re insane.

"Mark a man and clear it. Ya gotta get  tough..."

     Oh my goodness gracious, enough is enough.

"Move it up and step in front, now there you go..."

     Please stop the helpful tips, ’cause we already know.

Our coach is our teacher, we listen for that voice...

     If we could ever hear it, then we would rejoice.

"Switch the field and send it," they soon start to shout...

     Can’t we find a way, to kick some parents out?

The yelling and the screaming, becomes very lame.

     Why can’t they just chill out, and enjoy our little game?




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