Field Layout Instructions
Ideal for 2-3 Workers

The instructions below are for a 60 x 100 yard field, but the basic steps are the same for any size field. Simply refer to the Field Template Specifications in the sidebar for key dimensions. It is printable in a wallet-sized version. The required tools include (4) 100 yard tape measures, (6) metal spikes, a hammer, field liner and spray paint.


1-  Evaluate the field area and begin by stretching tape #1 by 60 yards and tape #2 by 100 yards. ’Eyeball’ the appropriate endline and sideline against some type of fixed object such as a fence, trees, benches, parking lot, etc. and stake the ends of both tapes @ corner #1 with stake (A).

2- To square corner #1, the  basic 3-4-5 triangulation method is used. Set stake (B) @ 30’ along the endline (tape #1) and stretch tape #3 by 50’ so that it intersects with the 40’ mark along the sideline (tape # 2). Adjust the endline and sideline accordingly to the available field area. Once the 40’ and 50’ marks intersect, while tape #3 remains @ 30’ on the endline, corner #1 is square. Stake (C) should be set @ this intersection along the sideline (tape #2).

3-  Now re-stretch tapes #1 and #2 tight for their full 60 and 100 yard distances respectively, making certain to just graze the triangulated stakes (B & C) while staying as straight as possible. Set stakes (D) and (E) @ the ends of these distances for ’potential’ corners #2 and #4.

4-  Take tape #3 and tape #4 and stretch them to form the other endline and sideline respectively, starting from staked corners #2 and #4. Their intersection @ 60 yards and 100 yards will form corner #3 and should provide a fully-squared field. Make the necessary adjustments in stretching these lines and set stake  (F) at corner #3. Now remove the two triangulated stakes (B) and (C).

5-  Line the entire perimeter by wheeling the field liner just outside the tape measure making sure not to paint the tapes themselves. The tapes need to remain in place even after completing this step. Now refer to the Field Template for key dimensions that will allow you to position the goal, penalty and center circle areas.

6-  Starting @ corner #1, proceed along the endline (tape #1) spraying 6" ’tick’ marks just inside the line @  24’, 60’, 90’, 120’ and 156’. Return to corner #1 and proceed down the sideline (tape #2) spraying the 6" tick marks just outside the line @ 18’, 54’, 150’, 246’ and 282’.

7-  Repeat this process for the other endline and sideline from corners #2 and #4. Tick marks have now been completed for all interior areas of the field.

8- Move tape #1 from the endline up to the first tick marks @ 18’ and stretch it tightly across the field. Line the top of the goal box from the 60’ to 120’ mark on tape #1. Continue moving it to the next tick marks for the top of the penalty area and line the field between 24’ and 156’.

9- Continue to move tape #1 up the sideline to the mid-field tick marks. Stretch the line tightly and line the midfield across the full field. Make a 2’ mark perpendicular to this line @ 150’ to signify the center of the field.

10- Repeat step #8 for the penalty and goal areas @ the other end of the field.

11- Now move tape #2 across the field keeping it tight and straight. Connect the ends of the goal and penalty areas with the tick marks along the endlines. Use the center tick marks along the endlines to establish the 12 yard penalty spots with a 1’ tick mark.

12- Remove all (4) tapes and all (6) stakes and proceed to completing the arced areas. Set a stake @ each penalty spot and ’swing’ a tape by 10 yards. Spray intermittant tick marks along these arcs outside of the penalty area and then connect them with the field liner. Use the same procedure @ the center circle with a 10 yard radius and @ corner kick areas with a one yard radius.


Congratulations, the field is complete.  Any irregularities should be modest and only noticable from a helicopter! The time for completion for a beginner could be 1-2 hours. After several times of doing this, 2-3 experienced workers can complete this size field in 30 minutes. Good luck and thank you for volunteering your time!


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