Guidelines for coaches and referees


What the Coach should expect from the Referee:
  • Arrive at the field on time in full Referee uniform (yellow shirt, black socks, black shorts or sweets, whistle, watch).
  • Inspect the players uniforms, shin-guards, earrings before the match.
  • Start the game on-time if possible.
  • Keep the time of the match.(playing 4 quarters and keeping the total to 1 hour)
  • During the match blow the whistle loud enough for all the players to hear.
  • After blowing the whistle verbally explain the reason for the whistle to the players.
  • Apply the Laws of the Game with House League rules
  • Allowing kids to retake throw ins and not stopping after every incorrect time or turning it over
  • Not calling offsides at 2nd grade and pointing out the potential of offsides to 3/4 graders and calling it only when it has been addressed, is obvious and directly impacts the game
  • A match fairly called understanding that all youth Referees are still learning how to Referee the same way the players are still learning to play.
What the Referee should expect from the Coach:
  • A hand shake and introduction when they first meet.
  • Advise the team that the Referee is in charge while the game is in progress.
  • Have players ready to play: (at game 10 minutes prior, ready to check in and start game promptly when the Referee blows the whistle.
  • Players to be substituted should wait at midfield and coach should ask referee for permission...better if subs are done at 1/4s
  • Coaches to stay by their respective benches (not on opposite side of field, behind goal, or in front of other team)
  • Abide by the calls even if the Coach doesn't agree with them.
  • Use a Coach-able moment to teach the player instead of criticizing a Referee's call. (done during break and at bench)
  • Patience, in order for the Referee to gain confidence in their calls.
Welcome to the Scotch Plains Fanwood Soccer Association House Division

The “house” division of our association provides boys and girls with the opportunity to play and learn soccer.  In this instructional and recreational program, all children actively participate with others in their same grades.  Our house programs offers children from preschool (age 4) through grade 4 what should be a fun and exciting as well as competitive experience playing the world’s most popular and beautiful game.

Useful Coaches Information
Helpful Tips and Suggestions

 With our relationship with the NY Red Bulls, SPFSA coaches have been given access to the the Red Bull Training Portal.  Select the link and logon to access this information.  If you don’t have access, email Holly Searson setup your ID.

NY Red Bull Training Portal

The Red Bulls trainers have shared some of their individual training techniques.  These videos are short and easy to follow...great for sharing with coaches, parents and players.

This link will take you to the US Youth Soccer website which will allow you to explore some age appropriate lessons for coaches to use.  These lessons are easy to read and follow:

US Youth Soccer Coach Connect Lessions






SPFSA Endorses US Youth Soccer Program
Successful Move to 3v3, 4v4 for Younger House Divisions

The pre-k, kindergarten and first grade divisions  took on a new look this past spring as SPFSA’s youngest players joined the rest of the world in small-sided games. The reason? More action, more involvement and more fun for all!

US Youth Soccer’s efforts to convert younger recreational programs to 3v3 and 4v4 mini-games has been endorsed by the SPFSA executive board. Small-sided soccer is played throughout the world and in parts of the United States and is designed to give all players more touches on the ball and require them to make fewer, less complicated decisions. Twice as many games will be played in the same time and space. Goalies will be eliminated.

Coaches received background notes on the overall philosophy and a manual on operations of the new program. Additional information is available for parents @ .

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